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Chef Noriel Abejaron:

Before moving to Huron County, Chef Noriel had the pleasure to cook for many high profile sports players and political figures, the most notable, Queen Elizabeth II.

Born in the Philippines, Noriel immigrated to Canada when he was fourteen. He began his culinary journey as many teenagers do, in the fast-food industry. His very first glimpse started at bustling establishment located next to the Maple Leaf Centre in Toronto while in high school. He worked his way up in industrial kitchens, learning the restaurant industry's true workings through perseverance and the endless drive to learn more. His passion and commitment to strengthening his culinary skills created opportunities to work in some of the top restaurants around Toronto, including Hy's Steak House, Sheraton Hotel, and Woodbine Racetrack.

At Woodbine, Noriel expanded his culinary skills to new heights while working under the prestigious tutelage of Chef Micheal Mortensen and Chef George Correia. As he honed his skills over the next thirteen years, Noriel pushed the boundaries of new and creative ways to prepare and display food – turning food into real works of art. He took great pride in leading his co-workers in numerous large-scale events that would see hundreds and even thousands of meals prepared for one-day events, such as the Queen's Plate.

Soon Noriel saw that he had the abilities to take his skills even higher, and his dream of running his own kitchen was realized in 2017 when he and his partner, Corinne, took over the White Carnation.

Gathering together and sharing a meal is an integral part of Noriel’s culture. Never forgetting his roots, Noriel prepares many dishes from his homeland to help family, friends, and customers experience the Filipino culture's authentic flavours right here in Canada.

Chef Corinne Bos:

Award-winning chef, Corinne Bos, cooked for her first large event at age 21 (for 150 people in Amsterdam, and she did it solo), was seen on season two and three of the Canadian reality television show, Recipe to Riches, and cooked for numerous celebrities, including Gloria Vanderbilt. 

Growing up in Huron County, the youngest of eight children, Corinne’s love of the kitchen and all things food started early as she worked alongside her mother to preserve their garden bounties and prepare meals for the family. The dinner table was a vital part of life – as was the journey of preparing the food being placed on the table. 

It wasn’t until Corinne had experienced living in various parts of Canada, New York, and Amsterdam where she had the opportunity to cook for others while working as an Au Pair and through volunteer programs that she realized the kitchen was her happy place. She thrives in the hustle and bustle of this thrilling environment, along with her loving of learning about food, culture, and worldly flavours. 

After four years of travel, Corinne began her studies at George Brown College for Culinary Management, fully immersing herself in every opportunity, including submitting a dish for the Nestle Minors cooking competition. She was selected in the top ten, out of hundreds of submissions, to compete in a live competition, placing third overall. 

While working at Woodbine Racetrack, a company renowned for their first-class food fare presented with exclusive creativity and flare, Corinne met her partner, Noriel. He became her mentor in the kitchen, and their path along the culinary road and in life came together. Their shared dream of owning a restaurant came true in 2017 when they returned to her hometown roots and became owners of White Carnation.


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